List of German Handbell Choirs

Place Name of the Handbell Choir Founded
Aldenhoven Handglockenchor an der ev. Gemeinde in Aldenhoven (in German) September 1986
Aschaffenburg Aschaffenburger Handglockenchor (in German) 1979
Bad Kreuznach Bock auf Glock (in German) April 2007
Berlin Bells Angels (in German) March 2001
Bottrop Revierglockenchor Bottrop (in German) October 1985
Bremen Bremer Glockenchor (in German) 2006
Caputh Peace Bell Choir Caputh (in German) 1989
Dabel Dabeler Handglockenchor (in German) Summer 1987
Ehingen Handglockenorchester Ehingen (in German) ?
Eschweiler Evangelischer Handglockenchor Eschweiler (in German) September 1984
Frankfurt Sanctuary Ringers (in German) July 2004
Gera Handglockenchor Gera (in German) September 2000
Gescher Handglockenchor im Verein zur Förderung des Glockenmuseums der Stadt Gescher e.V. (in German) Januar 1989
Gotha Handglockenchor Gotha (in German) August 1987
Hamburg Handglockenchor der Adventgemeinde Hamburg (in German) March 1989
Hannover Handglockenchor Hannover (in German) April 1997
Herford Handglockenchor der ev. Kreuz-Kirchengemeinde Herford (in German) 1994
Hüttenberg Handglockenchor Hüttenberg e.V. (in German) June 1993
Autumn 1989
Karlsruhe Handglockenchor Karlsruhe (in German) April 2015
Kassel Handglockenchor der St. Michaelis Gemeinde (in German) December 1998
Loquard Handglockenchor CAMPANELLA (in German) 1986
Mannheim Handglockenchor Mannheim (in German) 2006
Mannheim Handglockenchor der Evangelisch Koreanischen Kirchengemeinde Mannheim e.V. ?
Nürnberg First English Handbell Choir (in German) 1995
Christmas 1999
Pilsum Handglockenchor Pilsum (in German) October 1986
Rahden Handglockenchor Rahden (in German) October 2013
Rötenberg Handbell-Duo Erin and Ben Roundtree (in German)  
Schönaich Handglockenchor Schönaich: GLOX e.V. (in German) 2013
Schwesing Handglockenchor "Monday Ringers" (in German) February 2017
Schwalmstadt Hephata Handglockenchor (in German) Late Autumn 1973
Stuttgart Handglocken AG der Schillerschule GHWRS (in German) February 2001
Stuttgart Stuttgart Community Bell Choir ?
Weimar Handglockenchor der evangelisch-freikirchlichen Gemeinde Weimar (in German) 1994
Wiedensahl Handglockenchor der evangelisch lutherischen Kirchengemeinde Wiedensahl (in German) March 1987
Lutherstadt Wittenberg Handglockenchor Schloßkirche Wittenberg (in German) 2011
Wiesbaden Frankfurt Milal Lumen et Salis Glockenchor around end of 2017
Wuppertal Bethesda Glockenchor (in German) 1996

If you are a director or member of a handbell choir and your handbell choir is missing in this list, it would be nice if you could send me an email to with information about your handbell choir. Then I can add your handbell choir to this list. If you are aware of errors or have more detailled information about entries in this list it would be nice to hear from you as well.